Tenant Protection Plan

Smart RV and Boat Tenant Protection Plan

Our Tenant Protection Plan for Parking Spaces

We understand that the items you store at our facility are important to you. However, our storage facility is not responsible for your property in the event of property loss.

For this reason, our rental agreement requires that each tenant maintain a protection plan on their stored property. During the online rental or call center rental process, tenants are required to select one of our protection plans to ensure coverage at the start of the rental agreement.

If you'd like to use your own insurance in place of one of our tenant protection plans, please provide a copy of the declaration page of your policy to our storage rental office within 3 days of your rental and your tenant protection selection can be removed from your account at your request.

The following plan options are offered for parking spaces:

RV Park 'n' Protect Coverage Pricing Plan Limits:

  • $1500 plan for $15/month with $500 content coverage
  • $2500 plan for $25/month with $1000 content coverage
  • $5001 plan for $50/month with $1500 content coverage

Highlights for Tenant Property Protection: Maintaining our protection plan is highly recommended given its many benefits, but it is not required.

RV Park 'n' Protect

Covers all RV/Watercraft/Autos Indoors or Outdoors

The plan pays for up to $500 content coverage for stolen/damaged items within the stored vehicle on-site and off-site

Multiple coverage options are available

On-site accidental damage to the facility and other tenant property is covered

Dedicated claims service 24/7

Claims Process

To file a claim for a storage unit go to tppclaims.com 
and to file a claim for a parking space go to rvgapclaims.com

Claims Contact Info
E-Mail: claims@tenantpropertyprotection.com
Phone: 877-735-8173